My Koala-fications…

Why the heck should you be reading my blog?

I’d be asking the same thing…like who is this girl telling me I need to travel/travel nurse and what are her Koala-fications??

Well…Previously I said that I’m a travel nurse, but I wanted to expand upon that topic.

I’m a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) RN. I’ve worked in NICU, PedCVICU, Ped Trauma ICU, and PACU. I started my nursing career in 2011, and in those seven years I’ve worked in Mississippi (my home state), Alabama, Colorado, California, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Texas, and currently Virginia. I’ve driven to every single place I’ve worked, so I’ve seen a good bit of the country on the way to my assignments. Not only have I had some great road trips, but I’ve mastered the ultimate Tetris game of fitting one large dog and 13 weeks’ worth of essentials for the both of us into one SUV (hellooo SpaceSaver bags).

At this point I’ve made packing up, moving, and unpacking into an art form and can successfully do so with only a few bumps and bruises (okay it’s me…we’ll say a moderate amount of bruising and one asthma attack).

Not only that, but I have worked and am working with multiple agencies to get where I wanna go. Arguably that’s the hardest part of travel nursing—who the heck do you trust to govern your life for the next 13 weeks?? (more on agencies, recruiters, and contracts later)

I do travel with my large, fantastic, shedding, clunky, big, yellow dog named Hank. He’s been with me from the very beginning—from the beaches in CA to the Potomac River in DC (note to self: Hank does not kayak well). He’s registered to me as an Emotional Support Animal to help with my depression, but even with that registration, it’s not easy traveling with animals. We’ve learned how to make it work and now he looks forward to the words “load up”.

With all that being said, not only am I an experienced Travel RN, but I’ve also become an experienced traveler as well. An assignment is only ever going to be as good as you allow it to be. You have to be a good traveler in order for all that to happen. I have all the tips for long car rides, traveling with pets, detours, housing, making new friends, and adventures. And Bonus! If you’re ever where I am and wanna hangout I’m totally down. Let’s do fun things in our new city.

So now that you know a little bit about me and Hank I hope you’ll continue reading for tips, tricks, and general life lessons in the travel nurse world. Honestly, I learn something new with every assignment, but that’s what makes it so fun. Adventures should never become second nature—otherwise, what’s the point?

Until next time…here’s a picture of my car loaded up for my first travel assignment (Hank included). It definitely doesn’t look like that anymore.

First Travel Assignment

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