Welcome to The Travel Hanbook

Hey ya’ll! Welcome to The Travel HanBook!

I’m Hannah and I’m happy to finally have started a blog and I appreciate each and every one of ya’ll who decide to read it!

Long story short: I’m a Travel Nurse! After being in this career for roughly 3 years and having so many folks ask me about my stories, adventures, travel tips, agencies etc. I decided it’s time to put all my experiences in a place that all could have access to—a Hanbook so to speak (get it? Because my name is Hannah…I liked it.)

Additionally, I wanted this to be a free space for me to share some of myself with you. I’ve not been very open about it, but I suffer from depression and anxiety. I’ve been in heated battles with the disease for years (once I finally acknowledged I needed to battle depression and not succumb to it). I’ve found that traveling has helped feed my soul and pacify my demons, but I’ve also found that without medication I can’t even get out of bed to make a trip to the grocery store. So, not only am I going to be discussing travel nursing, I’m also planning on addressing my mental health and steps that I’ve taken to make it better in hopes that I can help others (and maybe ya’ll can help me, too).

So I want to keep it short and sweet for my first post. In future posts I hope ya’ll can get to know me better and I can get to know you! As a rule of thumb (according to my best friend, Ansley) Hannahs are passionate about 4 things: Dinosaurs, Harry Potter, Halloween, and Christmas. Keep that in mind as you read forward because this little nerd over here behind the keyboard in her Slytherin sweatshirt will more than likely reference them more than is appropriate for a 28-year old woman.

So sit down, buckle up, and keep your hands, feet, arms, legs, and tentacles in the blogging vehicle at all times because we’re all in for a ride!

Six Flags Over Texas

3 thoughts on “Welcome to The Travel Hanbook

  1. I love my sweet and smart daughter! What a beautifully written blog… which if I remember correctly you first wanted to be an English teacher , but decided on nursing. I think you are amazing at both! ❤️

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